Verska gold

16 treatments, accommodation (6 nights) and all-included resort package with unlimited access to water park, saunas and gym from Sunday to Saturday.

Better well-being for up to 6 months without expensive drug treatment, by using the nature-based and scientifically proved resort treatments of the Värska Health Resort Centre. Best package if you want to use your weekly vacation to the fullest.

The package includes:

• Consultation by the health care professional or a therapist

• During the consultation, up to 16 treatments from the following list are assigned: pearl bath with natural mineral water, curative mud bath (max. 3 times), classical massage 25 min (4-5 times), massage on waterbed, massage chair, warm clay treatment, topical peat treatment, paraffin wax treatment, mud paraffin wax treatment, salt room, apparatus physiotherapy (electrotherapy). NB! No procedures are assigned on the day of the arrival.

• 6 nights of accommodation in the Sanatorium Hotel.

• 3 meals a day (dinner on the day of the arrival, breakfast on the last day).

• unlimited access to water park, saunas and gym on opening hours during the duration of the package. NB! The water park is located 300 m from Sanatorium building.